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Grab a copy of George's NEWEST book, and use his strategies to keep your energy high throughout the day while learning how to use simple tools and strategies to become more productive. George walks you through simple, yet effective models to help you take control of your day once and for all. Simply click the "Get My Copy" button below, pay for shipping($6.95) and get your autographed copy in the mail within 5-7 business days!

About George Carroll

George Carroll is a Motivational Speaker and corporate trainer. George delivers high-energy, inspirational, and interactive presentations with a heart-centered and results-oriented approach. His motivational style combined with great content, actionable tips and lighthearted sense of humor will leave you feeling invigorated and ready to tackle challenges in the workplace, and in your personal life as well.

Feeling unfulfilled and being led by corporate managers that lacked integrity, George was guided to the personal development industry in 2005 where he sought out the tools he needed for personal growth and transformation. He began attending workshops and seminars in order to better his skills and his mindset. Over time, these workshops made a positive impact on George, and he wanted to help other people on their journeys of personal and professional growth. He now provides services to companies worldwide, providing tools, strategies and insights on Peak Performance, Productivity, Sales, Leadership and more...

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George is among the BIG NAMES in Personal and Professional Growth!

With Tony Robbins
World's Greatest Business and Life Strategist

With Kevin Harrington - The Original Shark on Shark Tank
and Forbes Riley - Creator of the Spin Gym

With John Assaraf
Star of the movie The Secret and CEO of NeuroGym

With Brian Tracy
International Speaker and Author of over 80 Books

Speaking and Training Topics Include:

Peak Performance • Productivity • Leadership • Sales • Change • Team-Building
(We can also customize the perfect presentation to match your needs and goals for your event)

Speaking &

Breathe new life into your corporate events and conferences with the engaging and humor-filled insights and inspirations of George Carroll. George brings an infectious spirit of motivation, problem solving and humor to encourage your team with the tools needed to boost productivity. His speeches can be tailored to suit your company's specific needs — from enhancing employee motivation to helping management to identify and resolve conflict.

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The Book on Performance
and Productivity

How do you get the most out of yourself, and out of your day? How do you activate heightened levels of energy and sustain it through out the day? How do you organize and prioritize your day so that you get more done in less time? This is a book filled with simple tools and strategies that will help you sky-rocket your productivity, increase your energy levels and lower stress levels. You feel unstoppable after putting this book to work for you! Get your FREE copy today!

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